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Below are frequently asked questions 
about opportunities with LMI

Q: What is the difference between a Master Licensee and a Licensee?
A: A Master Licensee is an individual who acquires the exclusive rights to a country or area within a country.  The Master Licensee has the rights to sell licenses locally and oversees the continued development of licensees, the LMI process and materials within their area.  A Licensee owns their own business and has the rights to sell and service LMI materials.  They can also hire associates to sell and facilitate.

Q: How much is an LMI Master License?
A: Estimated start up costs will vary depending on exchange rates, market conditions, and personal situations.  LMI will require a personal and confidential Financial Statement before a person is considered for an appointment as a Master Licensee.  

Q: Will LMI Finance the start-up costs?
A: No, a Master Licensee must have the financial resources to start and maintain the business for a minimum of one year.

Q: How do I know if an opportunity for owning a Master License is available in my area?
A: The most effective way to determine what opportunities are available for you in your area is to contact the International Franchising Department. LMI will research and provide you with what opportunities are available for you in your area.  

Q: What if I  want to be a Licensee or Associate with an existing Master Licensee, who do I contact?
A: You can contact the Master Licensee directly or send your request to LMI and we will forward the information to the local Master Licensee.

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