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Bob Peacock
ALMAG Aluminum, Inc. Canada

"Over the past 9 years, our sales have grown more than four fold and our profit has grown almost nine fold.  But what about Bob Peacock? What would I like different in my life?  

I had always dreamed I would own my own plane.  I set a personal goal to accomplish that and I have enjoyed flying my own Cessna 182 for a little over a year now."  

Some areas of improvement for ALMAG Aluminum, Inc.  since beginning the LMI process:

On-time delivery improved from 80% to over 90%
Scrap reduced from 30% to 24%
Sales increasing more than four-fold, leading to an increase in plant space from 64,000 square feet to 145,000 square feet.
The vision for the company successfully reaching the 100 million-dollar mark has been crystallized.
The leadership team has been able to develop an aggressive growth strategy

LMI began as a vision in the mind of a self-motivated man known for his ability to transform ideas into goals and goals into phenomenal success.  Paul J. Meyer founded LMI more than 40 years ago to help individuals and organizations develop expertise in setting and reaching personal and business goals.  Using a Total Person concept, Meyer designed his materials to enable people to balance their lives in all areas family and home, financial and career, mental and educational, physical and health, social and cultural, and spiritual and ethical.

Eager to put into practice Meyer's unique approach to achieving well-rounded success, other businesspeople soon joined Meyer's quest to assist clients to realize more of their managerial and executive potential.  Founded in 1966, this Central Texas corporation has become an extensive, far-reaching organization with materials produced in 23 languages and marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide.  

The LMI process is supported and facilitated by a wide selection of materials reflecting the best thinking of successful leaders in business and human development.  Individuals associated with LMI have a rich background of experience and success.  LMI's powerful success process and outstanding leaders demonstrate LMI's belief in the potential of every man and woman to prepare to meet today's leadership and management challenges.



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